Google Adsense – New consent management platform requirements for serving ads in the EEA and UK .

Dear Partner,

New IAB TCF requirement

Google’s commitment to transparency and control means we regularly look at ways to improve the consent experience. When we do this, we’re thinking about evolving user expectations and regulatory indicators that we think will ultimately guide the broader online advertising landscape.

We recently announced in this blogpost that later this year, we will require partners using our publisher products – Google AdSense, Ad Manager or AdMob – to use a Google-certified CMP that integrates with IAB Europe’s Transparency and Consent Framework (TCF) when serving ads to users in the European Economic Area or the UK. In the coming weeks, we will make available a list of certified CMPs that have integrated with the TCF and can demonstrate they meet the TCF’s specifications and we’ll require that our publisher partners use a CMP from that list. This new requirement will apply to partners’ own accounts and those managed by partners on behalf of others. The list of Google certified CMPs will be available in our HC articles (Ad Manager, AdMob, AdSense).

Why we are introducing this

In 2020, we integrated our ads systems with TCF. By supporting the TCF, we build on our 2020 commitment to support industry efforts aimed at managing user transparency and consent through a standardised framework. The decision also follows on from IAB Europe’s announcement that TCF V2.2 has been finalised which further supports consistency in the online advertising consent experience. We anticipate others in the industry will follow with similar adjustments.

Publisher Support

We will support your transition as you prepare for the new consent management requirements. Google has begun the process of certifying CMPs that work with our publishing partners for TCF compliance. To ensure a smooth transition, publishers currently working with a CMP should proactively talk with their CMP provider about the certification process. For publishers seeking a new CMP partner, in the coming weeks we will make available a list of Google-certified CMPs in our HC articles (Ad Manager, AdMob, AdSense).

The Google AdSense Team

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