International  Petrol price ? Comparison in Naira using CBN exchange rate – Nigeria higher than UK USA France !

Spain = 246.9 Naira per litre.
USA = 403.3 Naira per litre.
UK = 330.6 Naira per litre.
Germany = 330.6 Naira per litre.
France = 335.7 Naira per litre.
Nigeria = 500 to 600 Naira per litre.

Minimum wage comparison using CBN exchange rate:
Spain = 535,559 Naira per month.
USA = 535,340 Naira per month.
UK = 955,876 Naira per month.
Germany = 947,618 Naira per month.
France = 866,241 Naira per month.
Nigeria = 30,000 Naira per month

So, when next somebody tells you that fuel subsidy is not sustainable, ask him/her what the minimum wage of a Nigerian civil servant is?

*Until the issue is addressed, average Nigerians will dearly suffer the adverse effects of this hasty fuel subsidy removal without any measures to cushion the untoward effects.


If these data/ information are correct, Nigeria government decision makers do not have the interest of the masses. The removal of fuel subsidy is necessary, but it should be done with proper planning.
Will Dangote pay taxes from the internal sales and export of refined petroleum products from his refinery to the federal government. Nigerians should ask the Tinubu government now. The masses/ Nigeria need that money to cushion the consequences of fuel subsidy removal and to provide additional ( IGR) to CBN or tax agency.

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