No Witch hunt – Trump’s Attorney General & 2 Time US AG says Trump may be in Serious Trouble ! but ?

Bill Barr rips Trump over defense on secret documents
“Battle plans for an attack on another country or Defense Department documents about our capabilities are in no universe Donald J. Trump’s personal documents,” he said.

As Donald Trump’s attorney general from February 2019 to December 2020, Bill Barr had an up close look at the way the former guy conducted himself while running the country. And, like many an American, what he came away with—after, yes, nearly two years of doing the guy’s dirty work—was that Trump is a malignant narcissist who should be kept away from the White House at all costs.

Speaking to CBS Mornings on Tuesday about the Justice Department’s probe into Trump’s handling of classified documents and potential obstruction of justice, Barr said, contrary to his ex boss’s claims, the investigation has absolutely not been a witch hunt. “In fact, they approached this very delicately and with deference to the president,” Barr said, adding that if Trump had simply returned the documents when asked, the investigation would have “gone nowhere…but he jerked them around for a year and a half.” Whether special counsel Jack Smith indicts Trump or not remains to be see but regardless, Barr said, there is “no excuse for what [Trump] did here.”

Former Attorney General Bill Barr attacked former President Donald Trump’s rationale when it came to his possession of top-secret material, saying there is no way Trump has a right to retain some of the material alleged to be in his possession.

“Battle plans for an attack on another country or Defense Department documents about our capabilities are in no universe Donald J. Trump’s personal documents. They are the government’s documents,” Barr said on “Fox News Sunday” in discussing last week’s 37-count indictment.

The former president has said repeatedly that he had a right to declassify and retain any documents from his four years in the White House.

Barr, who served in the Trump administration, said there was a distinction to be made between the president’s personal documents, such as notes taken at a meeting, and “very sensitive” documents “prepared by government agencies for the purpose of government action.” He also said almost anyone else in the country would have returned the documents if asked.

“This particular episode of trying to retrieve those documents, the government acted responsibly,” he said. “And it was Donald J. Trump who acted irresponsibly.”

The former attorney general also distinguished between Trump’s handling of documents and the processes that other former presidents used in handling the turnover of sensitive documents at the end of their terms, saying they had used secure and orderly procedures.

In differentiating this investigation from others that examined Trump’s conduct, Barr said he had defended Trump in the past — including in response to Alvin Bragg’s recent indictment in New York — but this case is different.

“This idea of presenting Trump as a victim here, a victim of a witch hunt, is ridiculous,” Barr said.

“Yes, he’s been a victim in the past. Yes, his adversaries have obsessively pursued him with phony claims. I have been at his side defending against them when he is a victim. But this is much different. He is not a victim here. He was totally wrong that he had the right to have those documents. Those documents are among the most sensitive secrets the country has.”


Claiming that neither Trump nor Joe Biden are “fit for the office,” Barr said he would nevertheless go for Trump should 2024 turn out to be another matchup between the two men. He did not tell King how he sleeps at night, but presumably the answer would be “Just fine, why do you ask?”

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