Prince of Rituals – A Poem The Killer who Almost Became King

He owns a University
He owns a palatial hotel.

He was a top contender for the Ooni of Ife kingship
Yet he is deep into ritual killins.

It was a murder too many, as he snuff’d out lives of unsuspecting customers without being caught.

He even recruited his son and staff in his dastardly acts
Kiling without getting caught, and dispatching his victims in shallow graves.

But he gets caught.

Yet his pride and arrogance won’t even let him be seen in a police vehicle.

He appears in court in chilled exotic cars instead of the hot black Maria.

When called to the dock for cross examination, he refused, saying his lawyers have said everything needed to be said. It was this same arrogance that nailed him.

In detention, he continued to live like a king. Calling the shots.

Meanwhile he haunts the families of the victim.
The journalists on his case were threatened.

Today he gets served.
To be hanged by the nèck until his life is snuffed.

Prince Rahman Adedoyin
A cancer in our society

title by SWP

poem by
© Tijani Alabi Fatai

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