Sandlercore Is Back For 2023

After Adam Sandler topped Google’s Year in Search lists for celebrity outfits in both 2021 and 2022, you’d be forgiven for thinking he’d peaked.

The 56 year old’s seemingly endless museum of loud polo shirts, seriously long shorts, and kinda battered HOKAs were been inventively dubbed “Sandlercore” amongst TikTokers and thus embraced by a myriad of like minded dressers across the globe.

But, for those who were naive enough to think Sandler had peaked: think again, because he’s back for his finest mixed-matched look of 2023 yet. And, spoiler alert: it’s huge!

Arriving at the LA Lakers’ play-off Game against the Memphis Grizzlies on April 22, the Hustle star was spotted wearing another one of his wonderful slightly-too-big polo shirts, a pair of his signature past-the-knee shorts, and, of course, HOKA’s new zip-up Clifton Project sneakers.

For me, you can forget Happy Gilmore, Little Nicky, or even The Waterboy, because this ensemble is Sandler’s finest work to-date. This is his Mona Lisa, his Starry Night, his absolute pinnacle.

Naturally, nay-sayers will disagree that this is his best work so far, which I’m okay with. In truth, as long as Sandler continues to get the recognition he deserves for literally not caring, then I’m happy.

During a moment when all the fashion talk is of quiet luxury, Sandler steps out in loud basics and doesn’t care how they’re received. It’s refreshing.

Whether he’s walking a red carpet in fuzzy slippers, grocery shopping in a pair of soggy UGG boots, or stepping out in a velour Fila tracksuit at the premiere of Uncut Gems, “Sandlercore” is well and truly here to stay, in full swing for 2023.

Who knows, maybe he could top Google’s most-searched three years on the bounce? Stranger things have happened. Long live the king.

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