weight loss herbal powder

weight loss herbal powder Al-Madani Kalonji Digestive which is also tasty and is equally beneficial for children and adults alike.
1.Constipation or chronic constipation.
2.Stomach full of gas Stomach bloating.
3.Absence of appetite or little of appetite, fullness of stomach by eating little food.
4.Heartburn before or after eating.
5.To feel bad, nausea or vomiting.
6.Sour belching as soon as you eat or full of gas in the stomach immediately after eating.
7.Also eliminates extra belly fat by added properties of Sanamaki and Kalonji.
8.Eliminates internal swelling and inflammation of the inside stomach.
9.Slims and active the body, eliminates joint and back pain.

Note: Blood pressure and diabetes patients can also use it.

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